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Nothing gets people moving like a live sound, and there’s no such thing as a party without a live performance. When it comes to having the ultimate celebration, you want to be right there in front of the band. When you think back on your special event, you want to remember the friends you danced with, the smiles you shared, and that moment when you were in front of the stage and grooving to the rhythm. That’s what I can offer when you make your booking through I Trinity Train Empire, LLC.

Let’s get your party rocking with only the best live band in Miami, FL. I’ll work to match you with the sound your party wants, and you’ll walk away still dancing to the beat. Regardless of the type of event, I have a sound that you’ll want to hear. Inquire with me about a live band reservation so that I can get a quote to you and start booking the dates.

The key is to act now! Events are often planned months in advance, and great bands are constantly getting gigs. We want to get you hooked up with the best band we possibly can. Hire live band with us and we’ll get to work providing you with live band pricing. Whether you need to entertainment at a wedding or just have a private party that you need to liven up, I’ll provide the sound. Do you have fundraisers or festivals that you need to book a band for? I can help you with those, too.

Don’t keep looking around for bands when the perfect place is right in front of you. Visit with me today and I’ll work with you to book the perfect sound for your party.

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