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More and more, the sound of the Caribbean has been gaining popularity in the United States. What was once a local sound has gone nationwide, and even global! The reggae vibe can be heard from here to Holland. Instead of limiting your sound, why don’t you get it out there in front of a global audience? This genre of music is exploding and people everywhere are demanding it. Now is your chance to get onto the scene with a little help form I Trinity Train Empire, LLC.

There are thousands and thousands of artists out there competing for an opportunity to be heard, which is why you need assistance getting your name and sound in front of people. I’ve been working for a long time to promote reggae music in Miami, FL. However, what starts off as getting you heard locally can eventually lead to audience throughout the world catching onto your style. I’ll handle all of your music booking and help you take your career to the next level!

I’ll provide the very best music promotion in the city. I want to work with you so that we can have you in every venue in Miami. You’ll be creating a reputation for your live reggae music performance and growing your brand and audience. Through my music management, your career will reach new heights. I know every part of the musician’s struggle since I manage, produce, and promote. I also have a live band that performs at weddings, private parties, festivals, live shows, and fundraisers.

It’s time to get people moving to the sound of your rhythm. Order your promotions and bookings through me right now, and I’ll have you playing throughout the city.

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